Bamboo Dragonfly
Bamboo Dragonfly
Bamboo Dragonfly
Bamboo Dragonfly

Bamboo Dragonfly


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The Bamboo Dragonfly, also known as zhuqingting (竹蜻蜓) in Chinses and taketonbo (竹蜻蛉) in Japanese. It is a toy rotor that mimics the flight of a helicopter when spun rapidly. This unique toy has a rich history, originating in China during the Jin dynasty around 320 AD.

The Bamboo Dragonfly was later introduced to Europe and made its first appearances in Renaissance European paintings and the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. Western scientists were inspired by the original Chinese model and developed their own flying machines based on its design.

Overall, the Bamboo Dragonfly is a fascinating toy with a rich cultural and historical background.

Designer  Anonymous
Materials  Bamboo
Size  14.5cm x h 16cm 
Area  Zhejiang, China

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