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Why normal?

Who defines normal?
We often think of objects from
a different culture as exotic and special,
and where these objects are born and used,
they are normal.
Normal should not be defined by
one single culture, it will be the expanding mixture of cultures and lifestyles.
This is our first “normal” about culture.
The second “normal” is about design.
We often overlook objects with humble appearances or anonymous designers. Yet many of them are truly long-life companions that are super functional and
satisfying to use.
We hope to rediscover and celebrate
these normal objects around us.

Photo by Chihiro Lia Ottsu

Who are we?

 A Berlin-based online store founded by artist Tao Hai Yue in 2021,
providing carefully curated
daily objects and design items from Asia.
We are committed to building bridges
between different cultures by supporting traditional craftsmanship, immigrants' rights, and anti-racism work.
With great knowledge of the design field
and a deep understanding of Asia,
we hope to enrich the design scene in Berlin
with Normal Normal.

Photo by Chihiro Lia Ottsu

Web design by Ya Ya

Illustration by Tao Hai Yue

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